New director to European Department of the North Korean MOFA

Kang San Ho was recently appointed as the new Director of the Department of European Affairs of the North Korean MOFA. The former director of the Department of European Affairs was Im Chon Il. Im Chon Il was recently promoted to the position position of Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Defection of Jo Song Gil, the former top North Korean diplomat to Italy [Updated 07.01.2018]

Jo Song Gil, the top North Korean diplomat (the de facto North Korean ambassador to Italy) in Italy probably defected in November 2018.


New profile available of a North Korean elite: Kim Sung Nam

Kim Sung Nam is the leading Kim family advisor on Chinese issues. Kim Sung Nam’s profile is available there

New profile of a Kim family member

On the 24 December 2018, That would be the 101st anniversary of Kim’s grandmother. Her profile is available there

The community of North Korean elites and defectors in Eastern European Countries

My article entitled “The community of North Korean elites and defectors in Eastern European Countries” was recently published in the Research Journal “Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej”, feel free to use and criticize it. Download it here.

New publication: North Korea senior defectors in South Korea

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new publication dedicated to Senior Defectors in South Korea. Additional details are available there.


Out of topic – New Analytical Report published by Emerics

I’m delighted to announce that my latest analytical report related to the prospects of development of the Polish economy was published.  The document can be downloaded here.

A complete and updated list of these reports is available there.

Additional US sanctions against North Korea [updated]

The Trump administration announced new sanctions toward NK individuals.