North Korea Vice Minister of Trade Arrives in Angola

Ri Ryong San


Ri Ryong San (on the left) Source of the picture: Egypt News Agency

According to the “Angola Press”, “The vice-minister of Trade of the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea, Ri Myong San, arrived Thursday afternoon in Luanda in order to carry out two days of working visit to Angola, aimed to reinforce bilateral cooperation in mentioned sector. In the past, Kim Yong Nam (the North Korean head of state) has also been to Angola. We can also mention KiM Hyon, the former North Korean ambassador to Angola who used to meet leaders from Angola.

At 4 de Fevereiro International Airport , the visiting official was welcomed by director for Asia and Oceania of the Ministry of External Relations, André Panzo, and Ambassador of North Korea, Jae Ham-Young, accompanied by other officials.

According to the official programme, on Thursday, Ri Myong San will meet at the Ministry of External Relations with the State secretary for Cooperation, Ângela Bragança.

The vice minister of commerce of People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, during his staying in Angola, has scheduled other meetings with State secretary for Health, Information and Communication Technology, Water, Trade and Agriculture.”

Who is Ri Myong San?

Ri Myong San, Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade, is the son of Kim Yong Ju (b. 1920), the brother of Kim Il Sung. Ri is often seen leading North Korean delegations in foreign countries (China, Vietnam, Cambodia,…). He studied at the Research Center for the Study of Capitalism System. Ja Tong Sop, one of the sons of Kim Yong Jun (b. 1936, now Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission) is also a Vice-Minister of Commerce.

For more information about Ri Ryong San have a look here.

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