Kim Jong Un congratulates the Syrian President

According to the North Korean Press Agency KCNA, “Supreme leader Kim Jong Un Thursday sent a congratulatory message to Bashar Al-Assad upon his re-election as president of Syria. The message extended warm congratulations to him upon his re-election as president of Syria thanks to the support and trust of the Syrian people.

It said that the election marked an important occasion in the struggle of the Syrian people to meet all challenges of the imperialists and hostile forces and protect the sovereignty and security of the country. The message wished the president greater success in his responsible work to build an independent, peaceful and prosperous Syria.”

On the 16th of April, also according to the KCNA :Kim Jong Un, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, sent a message of greeting to Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, on April 14. The message said: I extend warm congratulations to you, the government and people of the Syrian Arab Republic on the 68th anniversary of the Syrian independence, significant national holiday of your people. Availing myself of this opportunity, I reiterate our solidarity with the Syrian Arab people in their just struggle for defending the sovereignty, peace and security of the country and express belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between our two countries will steadily go stronger.

Ties between both countries are very strong. A lot of DPRK elites used to work in Syria. Kim Kyok Shik the former head of the Korean People’s Army was a military attache to the DPRK embassy in Syria. Moreover a few days ago, a DPRK delegation came back from Syria.  The DPRK staff of the embassy in Damascus is highly specialized on DPRK-Syrian issues. A major party of them (including the DPRK military attache) are speaking in arabic.

Choi Su Hon

Choi Su Hon (DPRK MOFA) in Syria in 2012

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