An evaluation of North Korean Kim Jong-eun’s Political leadership

In the North Korean system, the leadership is the key factor which will be responsible for the maintenance of the regime and of the power of the North Korean elites. The mission of safeguarding the regime aims at avoiding any collapse in the country. North Korea has a so called monarch-subject political culture. North Koreans are accustomed to a single party system with no oppositions. This regime is taking its roots in the Confucian culture.

Regarding North Korea, as it is an autocratic country, we must consider the leaderhsip of Kim Jong-eun who is the person the most powerful of the country. If he fails to demonstrate his power, the futur of the country maybe jeopardized. Therefore the abilities and the traits of the leader are in relation with the efficiency of the leadership of the country.

One of the most discussed issues among researchers is that it is impossible to spelle out the abilities of Kim Jong-eun as he’s young and as it’s complicated to assess the vialibility of information regarding this young leader.

Taking in account the political education of Kim Jong-eun which started around 2006, it is unreasnable to say that Kim Jong-eun is uncompetent although he lacks of political experience. Since the nomination of Kim Jong-eun at the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-eun made no irrational decisions in spite of the judgements of foreign analysts. Kim Jong-eun accepted to take reform measures or move toward opening North Korea. He puts priority on the maintenance of its socialist system with economic reforms.
Kim Jong-eun is also daring. He continues to develop the North Korean nuclear problems instead of the international sanctions towrad his country. He will also probably test some nuclear weapons in the future. In order to maintain his leaderhsip and in spite of international sanctions, Kim Jong-eun continue to offer expensive projects to his co-advisors who work with him to maintain the leadership and the stability of the regime. Regarding the policy toward Japan, Kim Jong-eun is continuing the policy of his father Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-eun is ready to meet with the Japanese leadership in an effort to establish diplomatic relations with Japan.

It should be also noted that Kim Jong-eun is meticulous. Being educated in an artists family, he’ working probably in a scrupulous way. Kim Jong-eun is making public inspections since 2011 where he’s giving instructions on various fields (such as military agriculture, tourism, industry issues and many more).

Can we say that Kim Jong-eun is competent in managing organizations. Kim Jong-eun is probably a director in the Departement of Organization and Departement of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers Party (CC KWP). His father was also a secretary of department before being unoficcially named as the succesor of his father Kim Il-sung in 1974. Kim Jong-eun led to the reorganization of some economical structures by shifting more power to the Ministerial Cabinet and by increasing the role of the KWP in the management of the North Korean economy. In order to strenghten his power, Kim Jong-eun took even some measures and even harschly punished some relatives who tried to protest against his policy. Kim Jong-eun led to the brutal execution of his uncle Jang Sung-thaek in December 2013. Kim Jong-eun is also driving a family regime by increasing the power of the younger family of the Kim family. His sister Kim Yo-jong was recently nominated to the direction of a Departement of the CC KWP and to the NDC.
Kim Jong-eun is making his senior officials responsible for the failure of the regime by mentioning that they are responisble for the failure of the North Korean regime. Some of these scapegoats were the previously mentioned Jang Sung-thaek but also his wife Kim Kyung-hee (who is also the aunt of Kim Jong-eun) and some key military officials (such as Ri Yong-ho and Kim Jong-gak).

Kim Jong-eun is different from his father because he didn’t sourround himself with mysticism. Kim Jong-eun appears more often in public than his father. He demonstrated his leadership through meetings with foreign guests such as with Dennis Rodman, the American basket-ball player, several times in 2013 and 2014 and with Chinese leaders.
With his above mentioned capabilities, Kim Jong-eun demonstrated his abilities to maintain the North Korean regime and as of today he seems to have been successful.


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