Bangladesh kicks out North Korea diplomat over smuggled goods

In august 2016, Bangladesh has kicked out a North Korean diplomat after he was caught smuggling more than one million cigarettes as well as electronics into the country in a shipping container, Dhaka officials said Monday.

Han Son Ik, the first secretary of the North Korean embassy in Dhaka, has been ordered to leave the country after failing to declare the goods worth nearly half a million dollars to customs. Bangladesh foreign secretary Shahidul Haque confirmed the order had been made to the North Koreans, but declined to give a timetable for his departure. Local media said he had been ordered by leave by Monday.

In march 2015, The Bengali government has decided to expel North Korean diplomat in Dhaka Son Young-nam and asked its embassy here to take him back soon for gold smuggling. The North Korean diplomat (Commercial and Economic Affairs) was
caught with 27kg gold worth about Tk 14 core at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

There is also a North Korean restaurant in Dhaka.

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