During the second plenary meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which was held on the 7th October 2017, the younger sister of Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong (김여정) was yesterday nominated as Kim Yo-jong has been made an alternate member of the WPK Politburo. It’s not the most powerful political organization of North Korea, however it’s definitely improving the visibility of Kim Yo-jong. She replaced her aunt Kim Kyung-hee in the Politburo. By nominating Kim Yo-jong to a public post, Kim Jong-un officialy coresponsibilized Kim Yo-jong for the hazardous policy of North Korea. The Pandora Box is open.

Kim Yo-jong was born as the daughter of Kim Jong-il and his wife Ko Yong-hui on 26 September 1987. As the other children of Kim jong-il, she was educated in Europe (Switzerland and France). Later she came back to the Kim Il Sung University, where she followed a similar education track to her brothers and sisters. She also studied computer science at Kim Il-sung University. Kim Yo-jong had also an individual political education consisting of theoretical lectures and practical ones. She used to work in different departments of the WPK (a “management programme) in order to understand the structures of the WPK. She had some workshops in the OGD and PAD structures. Kim Yo Jong speaks fluently English and French and have some basic knowledge in Chinese.

It’s said that she has one child, and is supposedly married to Choe Song, the son of Choe Ryong-hae (최룡해), also a Politburo member. It’s impossible to verify this information, nevertheless, taking in account the importance of the Kim family generational system, I consider that Kim Yo-jong is probably the mother of an unidentified child.

김여정 3

Kim Yo-jong was also educated by Hwang Pyong-so, the Political Director of the KPA.

She was also seen at a theater in Singapore in 2011. It doesn’t absolutly mean, that she only travelled there. She was a frequent visitor to France, where the Kim family has some flats and houses. On the other hand, a travel ban and asset freeze on senior leadership figures including Kim Yo-jong was recently decided by the UN Security Council. It must be noticed that some of the assets in Europe have not be yet confiscated.

In 2013, I already explained that Kim Yo-jong was closely working with Kim Jong-un. However I consider as totally exagerated, the information provided by the Guardian considering that Kim Yo-jong was a kind of « brain » for Kim Jong-un.  I consider as more reasonable, mentioning that Kim Yo-jong is working in the Personnal Secretary of Kim Jong-un.

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