According to Yonhap News, the South Korean News Agency, Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il tried to go to Brazil. What I consider as important there, is that on the Kim Jong-un passport, the name of Ricardo Pwag was issued. Ricardo is presented as the father of “Josef Pwag” aka Kim Jong-un. The identity of the mother is Marcela Pwag Joou.

For NK watchers, this name shall be not so secret. In the 90’s, NK authorities created a company in Czech Republic under the name of LIBERDADE s.r.o. Surprinsingly, the head of the company was also Ricardo Pwag, mentioned as the father of Kim Jong-un in the document.

Before managing Liberdade s.r.o (a company dealing with agricultural products), he used to work in BOMSUCESSO s.r.o., a company dealing with the trade of agricultural products.

I discussed all these issues in my book entitled Kim jest Kim Jong-un?, coauthored with Edgar Czop.

Kim Jong Il, who died in 2011, would also have fraudulently used Brazilian documents, as shown by the image of a passport, this time with the photo of the dictator, with the name of Ijong Tchoi. Ijong Tchoi was a shareholder in the previously mentioned Liberdade s.r.o of a food industry company in Czech Republic. Ijong Tchoi was supposedly based in Macau.

The North Korean embassy in Brazil refused to comment on the passport with the pictures of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong-un, and the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said it was in the process of investigation.

You can buy my latest book on NK issues over there.

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