Jon Hui Jong

Last position

NDC Director

WPK CC, Member

KPA, General

Date and place of birth

Pyongyang, 5 March 1930.

Date and place of death

Pyongyang, 21 September 2020.


Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies

Professional Career

September 2010: Member, WPK CC

2007: Director, NDC, Foreign Department

February 2004: Deputy Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Cyprus

March 2003: Deputy Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Yemen

December 2003: Deputy Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Oman

October 2001: Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Egypt

June 2006: Secretary of Kim Jong Il

July 2006: Director, international affairs, Kumumsan mausoleum,

April 1990: Delegate, SPA

November 1986: Delegate, SPA

September 1982: Director, foreign affairs office

February 1982: Deputy, SPA

October 1980: Member, WPK CC

November 1973: Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Angola (also accredited to Zaire)

May 1968: Temporary Ambassador, DPRK Embassy in Kampuchea


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