Kim Yong-chun

Date of birth: March 4, 1936

Date of death: August 16, 2018

  1. Name translation

Korean: 김영춘

Hanja:    金永春

  1. Last positions:
  • Member, CC KWP
  • Member, CC KWP PB
  • Vice-Chairman, NDC
  • Director, Civil Defense Department, CC KWP
  • Director, WPRG
  • Marshal, KPA
  • Member of the National Intelligence Committee
  • Deputy, SPA
  1. Brief biography:

Date of birth:

4th March 1936

Place of birth:

Yanggang Province




Mangyongdae Revolutionary School

Kim Il-sung Military University

Selected service history:

1986: general and director of the GDP Operations Bureau

1988: purged along with O Kuk Ryol

1992: Re-education, restored and promoted to General

1995: VM and chief of the KPA General Staff.

09.1998: Member of the NDC

2007: Vice-chairmen at the NDC

02.2009: Minister of People’s Armed Forces

2010: Member of the CMC

2012: Director of the WPK Civil Defense Department

April 2016: Honorary rank of Marshal of the KPA

Selected political history:

1960’s: secretary of the South Pyongyan Provincial Committee of the KWP

1980: elected alternate member of the WPK CC

1994: Member, Kim il Sung Funeral Committee

04.2009: Deputy, 12th SPA

2010: member of the Politburo

04.2012: director of the WPK Civil Defense Department (an entity which is managing  the country’s civil military training units).