About me

Nicolas Levi Seoul

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Email me at nicolas_levi@yahoo.fr

I’m or I was also a…

  • Investment facilitator, public speaker, writer;
  • Author of 7 books related to the Korean Peninsula;
  • Assistant Professor at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences;
  • Consultant on North Korean Issues (Projects realized for international organizations, papers for think-tanks, active participation to the yearly consultation of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, invited as a guest to seminars organized by the EU,,,);
  • I’m also giving lectures and seminars on both Korea within the Poland Asia Research Center, moderator during events,… I’m a lecturer of Economics at the Alcide Higher School of Economics (Warsaw, Poland), supervisor of MA and BA student’s thesis;
  • Since 2022, active contributor to the Center of Asian and Pacific Studies at the Institute of Political Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences;
  • During 5 years, I was an investment analyst for Deloitte and Kulczyk Investment House and also a consultant for the French Chamber of Commerce in Poland. I was mainly self-employed during these 5 years;
  • Futhermore over 300 of my articles, opinions, reviews were featured in:
  • Foreign Medias:– „Asia Centre” (France), „DailyNK.com”​ (South Korea), „Foreign Policy”​ (USA), „Jeune Afrique”​ (France), „Radio Free Asia” (USA), „The Guardian”​ (UK), „Verkkouutiset ” (Finland), „Yonhap News Agency (South Korea).
  • – Polish medias:
    „Gazeta Wyborcza”, „Kontrateksty”​, „Krakow Post”, „Najwyższy Czas”, „Newsweek”​, „Polska The Times”, „Przekrój”, „Rzeczpospolita”, „Rynki Zagraniczne” (Poland), „Stosunki Międzynarodowe”, „Wprost” and many others.,,
  • Portals such as bankier.pl (Poland), centruminicjatiw.org (Poland), defense24.pl (Poland), forsal.pl (Poland), gazeta.pl (Poland), gazetaprawna.pl (Poland), interia.pl (Poland), kickerdaily.com (US), konserwatyzm.pl (Poland), Liberation (France), mojeopinie.pl (Poland), money.pl (Poland), neweasterneurope.eu (Poland), newfocusintl.com (South Korea), nknews.com (US), onet.pl (Poland), pcworld.pl (Poland), politics.ie (Ireland), reseau-asie.com (France), sinonk.com (UK), stefczyk.pl (Poland), wiadomosci24.pl (Poland), wp.pl (Poland), wpolityce.pl (Poland) published my opinions
  • I’m still a translator (Polish=>French, English=>French);
  • I also take care of my family:)


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Nicholas Levi,
    My name is Erwin Tan, Senior Lecturer at the Department of International and Strategic Studies at the University of Malaya. I found your website whilst undertaking research on the role of NGOs in North Korea for an article a colleague and I are writing. In connection with this, I would like to ask if I may pose to you some follow-up questions on this subject?


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