NK database

My analysis are also available at the following link

Relations between North Korea and Russia

Pyongyang Looking at Moscow – prepared for New Eastern Europe (November 2012) – prepared for New Eastern Europe (November 2012)

Pyongyang will follow Moscow? (November 2014)

Kim Jong-il:

Kim Jong-il, a film director who ran a country

North Korean Diplomacy

Music – a political tool. The example of the Morambong Band in North Korea (July 2014)

New DPRK ambassador to Thailand (March 2014)

Relations between North and South Korea

Can North Korea exist without unification with South Korea? – prepared for Foreign Policy (Fall 2011)

Relations between North Korea and China

Kim Song-nam and Jon Hui Jong: North Korea’s éminence grise for China? – prepared for SinoNK (March 2012)

The North Korea Leadership:

Changes in the North Korean Leadership

Kim Kyong-ok and Ri Pyong-chol are dead? (October 2014)

Why (in theory) the power must belong to the Kim family? (October 2014)

Kim Yo-Jong Taken Over For Kim Jong-eun? Expect no changes in North Korea(September 2014)

An evaluation of North Korean Kim Jong-eun’s leadership (August 2014)

Who is the son of Jang Sung-thaek, the former nr 2 of North Korea? (August 2014)

Who is the former CEO of the North Korean central bank? (July 2014)

Why nothing happened to Choe Ryong Hae (March 2014)

Kim Phyong-hae: a growing figure in North Korea (March 2014)

A new leadership and new challenges in North Korea ? – prepared for Reseau Asie(February 2014)

Jang Sung-thaek and family: could they improve the life of North Koreans ? – prepared for New Focus International (March 2013)

The importance of the Confucian values during the Kim Jong-il’s system: A comparison with the Kim Il-sung’s system

North Korea is changing its economic policy – published within the website

A Big Day for the Elite Clans – prepared for DailyNK (April 2012)

Kim Family Business: North Korean Elite Social Networks and DPRK Foreign Trade – prepared for SinoNK (March 2012)

The North Korean Leadership– prepared for the British Association of Korean Studies(January 2010).



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