North Koreans elites who defected

Choe Ju-hwal is North Korea’s highest-ranking military defector in South Korea. Choe served as Vice Director for Section 1 of the People’s Armed Forces (PAF) Foreign Relations Bureau, which is a central institutional arm of the military.

Hyeon Seong-il: a former DPRK diplomat. Affiliated to a University of North Korean Studies.

Im Cheol-yong: officer, KPA. Escaped in 1999.

Kim Cheol-ung: a former pianist. He may be a member of the Jang Sung-thaek family.

Kim Dong Hun:, a former trading company official. Escaped in 1997.

Kim Heung-kwang: a former Pyongyang computer science professor who escaped North Korea in 2004.

Kim Min-kyu: a North Korean diplomat who served in the North Korean Embassy in Moscow until 2009.

Kyong Won-ha: North Korean scientist. Fled in 2002.



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