I am thrilled to announce the publication of my latest paper related to the border crisis between Poland and Belarus for the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy. The paper is available here. #Poland #Belarus #borderpoland #bordercrisis #lukashenko

Death of Kim Yong Ju, the primary dauphin of Kim Il Sung

Kim Yong Ju passed away according to the KCNA. Kim Yong Ju was the younger brother of Kim Il Sung. In the 1960s, Kim Yong Ju was supposed to be the successor of Kim Il Sung. However, due to health issues, he was replaced by Kim Jong Il, the oldest son of Kim Il Sung. I am mentioning Kim Yong Ju in some of my papers, including in a biography of Kim Pyong Il (the nephew of Kim Yong Ju) and in a paper published in SinoNK.com related to connections between the Kim family and the foreign trade of North Korea.

On December 8, I participated to the International Conference entitled Beyond Europe (Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań) dealing with international affairs. I presented a paper entitled The policy of the North Korea leadership toward the religious heritage in North Korea.

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my latest book entitled Tangible and Intangible Legacies of 70 years of Polish-North Korean Relations (1948-2018), published by the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

On the 9 July, I participated as a discussant to the Summer Conference of the KAIDEC Association (Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation).

Between the 14 and 16 June, I participated to the South Korean Project “Emerging Leaders Fellowship”. This program is provided by the National Institute for Unification Education of the Ministry of Unification of South Korea.