Ri Su Yong

Date and place of birth

1940, birthplace unknown.


Mangyongdae Revolutionary Primary School; Kim Il-sung University, School of Foreign Languages of Pyongyang (Faculty of French) and probably Moscow University.


2017: Chairman of the Diplomatic Commission of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

From 2016: Full member of the Politburo of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and director of the party’s International Relations Department.

July 2016: Member, Comittee on Economic Affairs. Dismissed from his post in the MOFA. Replaced by Ri Yong Ho

April 2014: Minister of Foreign Affairs

2012: return to North Korea from where he manages foreign investments

December 2001: Accredited ambassador of the DPRK to the Netherlands

August 2001: Accredited ambassador of the DPRK to Liechenstein

2000: Member of the Board of Directors, KOHAS AG (Swiss company)

1988: DPRK ambassador to Switzerland

Late 1980’s: Political advisor at the DPRK Embassy in Geneva, Switzerland. Permanent Representative of the DPRK

September 1980: Director of the PS of Kim Jong-il

1974: Director of the Diplomatic Protocol at the MOFA

1972: Employee, MOFA

Son: Ri Il-hyok (member of the Ponghwa group)