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Media reported on Tuesday, that North Korea has been earning tens of thousands of euros due to leasing part of its Berlin embassy’s unused property to City Hostel Berlin. Shaefer reminded that under the Resolution of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) of November 30, 2016, the foreign representative offices of North Korea can only undertake diplomatic and consular activities.

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    Malgré les dépenses en investissements, les seuls qui désirent vraiment la réunification de la Corée sont d’une part les familles séparées des deux côtés de la Péninsule Coréenne mais surtout les autorités américaines qui rêvent de stationner à la frontière chinoise. Quant aux sud-coréens, une réunification serait synonyme de problèmes et c’est pourquoi je suis convaincu que les autorités sud-coréennes ne veulent d’aucune manière envisager une réunification avec la Corée du Nord. Une question apparait? Pourquoi cette réunification tant évoquée par les médias sud-coréens constitue en réalité un véritable fardeau ?

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I’m pleased to announce the publication of my 5th book entitled “Korea Północna: zarys ewolucji systemu politycznego” (North Korea: an analysis of the evolution of the political system) devoted to the North Korean leadership. This monograph is also analyzing last changes which took place within North Korean political institutions.

The history of the Organization and Guidance Department of the KWP

Following the defeat of Japanese imperialism (1910-1945), North Korea was established on the 9th September 1948. Starting from this date North Korea struggled to build a model socialist state under the guidance of the Korean Workers’ Party, a communist party which was organized according to the Soviet model of organization.

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Nomination of a new New North Korean Army Chief

North Korea has appointed an octogenarian apparatchik to the ejector seat of Army chief, it emerged on Sunday, in yet another sign that hardline dinosaurs are currently in the ascendant in internal power struggles.

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Kim Kyung-hee, Kim Jong-un’s aunt removed from major posts

According to Yonhap News, Kim Kyung-hee (her biosketch is available there), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s once-powerful aunt has stepped down from most of her major posts, a South Korean government directory on the secretive neighbor’s ruling elites showed on Dec. 18.

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The emergence of the donjus, a new group of powerful North Korean elites


Some Authors focused on the North Korean society (such as Andrei Lankov and Waldemar Dziak) tend to present the North Korean nomenklatura as a group of persons related to the Kim family and to the North Korean communist Party. Continue reading