Kim Jong Un puts “economic specialists” in top leadership posts

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promoted economic experts and his sister to key posts in the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, revamping the rogue state’s diplomatic and economic leadership as the party celebrated its 72nd anniversary on Tuesday 12th October 2017.

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Kim Jong Un and his family visit Mirae Shop and Health Complex

During an inspection of a mall in Pyongyang on Monday, Kim was accompanied by Jon Il-chun, the director of Room 39 of the Workers Party, which handles his private coffers.These malls were in the past settled by Jang Sung-thaek, the former uncle of Kim Jong Un who was executed in december 2013.

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Les familles des élites nord-coréennes


Le décès de Kim Jong Il, le 17 décembre 2011, a entrainé certains changements au sein des élites nord-coréennes qui gouvernaient jusqu’alors en Corée du Nord. Tout d’abord Kim Jong Un, le fils de Kim Jong Il fut obligé de remplacer son père dans tous les domaines qui lui étaient alors réservés. Continue reading “Les familles des élites nord-coréennes”

The death of Kim Jong-eun means the death of the North Korean dynastic system?

According to North Korean media, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is suffering from “discomfort”, state media has said in the first official acknowledgement of ill health after a prolonged period out of the public eye.

According to North Korean sources, an unexpected death of Kim Jong-eun won’t lead to the collapse of the system as other members of the Kims family are trained to replace Kim Jong-eun in case of emergency. That does apply especially to brothers and sisters of Kim Jong-eun. I’m thinking here especially to Kim Yo-jong, Kim Sol-song and Kim Jong-chol.